Hands Down, Our Best Tool

Whether you work in the back of an ambulance, a helicopter, or a hospital, you likely have many tools to assist you in assessing and treating your patient. Tools such as monitors, a stethoscope, dopplers, thermometers, ultrasound units, glucometers and iStat machines, TOCO monitors, and endless imaging devices. Healthcare has created advanced technology for looking […]

Women’s History Month: Women in EMS, Part 3

This month we took a look at Marie Marvingt, a pioneer in HEMS and a woman who helped create pre-hospital medicine in the early 1900s. We also featured Dr. Erica Carney, a bold woman making EMS a better field across the Midwest today. For part three, we will shine a light on the woman who […]

Women’s History Month: Celebrating The Women of EMS, Part 2

Sub-five feet. Barely a hundred pounds, soaking wet. Blonde hair and blue eyes. But GOSH DANG is Dr. Erica Carney a force to be reckoned with. She’s the most amazing combination of grit, brains, and kindness with a smile more contagious than COVID-19.    She grew up in Kansas City, where she stayed for a […]

Women’s History Month: Celebrating the Women of EMS, Part 1

March is Women’s History Month and here at IA MED, we will be highlighting the work of a small handful of women who have blazed trails in the field of EMS.    First up: Marie Marvingt, a world class multi-sport athlete, aviator, surgical nurse, and all around badass. She was the third woman IN THE […]