ABC’s of The Ventilator

ABC’S OF THE VENTILATOR By: Justin Krantz, NRP, CCEMT-P, FP-C   What was one of your biggest fears when starting critical care transport? Did I hear you say, “the vent?” That is ok it was mine as well. A few flight and critical care programs require little to no prior training on the ventilator. However, […]

100% Silent

100% Silent Chelsea Epling, BSN, RN, MCCN, EMT-P I figured I’d start this one out with a disclosure. This is going to be more geared towards the nurses than it is toward the medics. Let’s face it, you all are just initially better trained on ventilators than we are. Take a look at my experience. […]

Panic! At the airport

I had let my guard down, which was a mistake and it backfired. The first step after my mistake was to panic, and I think those around me at the time would say I did a pretty good job of it. 4 hours earlier I was relaxing at our crew house and probably arguing about […]

Neurogenic Pulmonary Edema

Neurogenic Pulmonary Edema Neurogenic pulmonary edema (NPE) is a clinical syndrome characterized by the acute onset of pulmonary edema following a significant CNS insult. While there are a few theories, the etiology is unknown. Out of the ‘big 4’ theories, I’m going to go over two, neuro-cardiac and blast theory. Neuro-Cardiac Theory This theory characterizes […]

Paralyzing the COVID-19 Patient by Joshua Fountain RN, CCRN, CFRN, TCRN

Paralyzing the COVID-19 Patient The use of neuromuscular blocking agents (NMBA) during rapid sequence intubation (RSI) is arguably the cornerstone of the procedure. NMBA paralytics prevent gagging when utilizing a laryngoscope during intubation and allow for a more complete view of the glottis versus sedatives alone (Caro, 2020). NMBAs used in RSI can be categorized […]

Minute Ventilation by Gwenny Lawson

  Ventilator management strategies are all that glitters in the EMS community right now. ???? All the cool podcasters are talking about it; the bloggers are bloggin’ blogs about recruitment maneuvers and pronation of intubated patients. Vent management is the skinny jeans of EMS education. But I’m kinda dorky, and I take great care to […]

Sudden Ambulance Death Syndrome By Dakota Kimberlin, EMT-P, NRP, TP-C

Stay and Play We’ve all had those critical patients: the ones circling the drain when we show up who bring the “pucker factor.” As EMTs and paramedics, our first reaction is to “grab and go” and get that patient to the familiar environment of our ambulance. It makes sense, right? That’s our office, all of […]

What’s “BRUE”-ing? Approaching a Pediatric Phenomenon by Jaren Jarrell, NRP, FP-C

What’s “BRUE”-ing? Approaching a Pediatric Phenomenon. By Jaren Jarrell You’re 8 hours into your 24-hour shift. It’s been a grueling day and you have hit your critical thinking max. There it is…the tones drop once again! “EMS base, truck 12 respond to a 3-month-old male, reference patient not breathing.” The initial anxiety of a pediatric […]

Assessment of a Critically Ill Child by Justin Krantz

So, as you all know we have had the opportunity to have Dr. Peter Antevy join us a couple of times and talk about pediatrics. When it comes to kids let’s face it, we all tend to get scared, our nerves shoot through the roof and it becomes the most stressful call of our career. […]

Intranasal: The Perfect Route? by Jeremy Singleton, RN, CEN

Intranasal: The Perfect Route? Jeremy Singleton, RN, CEN Intranasal (IN) administration of medications is an excellent tool that serves a wide variety of situations that may be seen in the prehospital/emergency environment. The ability to deliver medication in seconds without a needle saves the patient from a potentially traumatic experience while allowing the clinician to […]