Cause of Death: A Broken Heart…

By: Jaren Jarrell FP-C, CCEMT-P, NRP From country lyrics to inspirational quotes, “dying from a broken heart” is a widespread line. But, who would have thought that you can actually die or suffer from heartache? I am not talking about the type of despair that Spencer and Heidi from “The Hills” caused us in 2010. […]

Stop Giving Amps of Bicarb

This article was provided to the IA MED team by Dr. Duncan Grossman, PGY-3 in Emergency Medicine at Maimonides Medical Center.  We thought it was exceptionally enjoyable and are pleased to share it with you! Hopefully, this ruffles some nerdy-feathers – I welcome further discussion from the tox-minded folks, crit-care peeps, and our pharmacy colleagues. […]

The Right Ventricle: Getting to Know Her by Gwenny Lawson, BSN, RN, CFRN

(Disclaimer: the following series is meant to be a light-hearted, silly way to learn about the right ventricle while poking fun at the awkwardness of dating. There will be goofy generalizations made about men AND women; none of them are meant to be offensive. Please laugh at my jokes. And learn, but mostly just laugh.) […]

The Right Ventricle: Your First Big Fight by Gwenny Lawson, BSN, RN, CFRN

The Right Ventricle: Your First Big Fight   You had a great first date. Things are progressing nicely, but then gosh dang COVID-19 hit and made life hard for everyone. Your new girlfriend is feeling the pressure. She’s working more hours than usual at Five Guys, there is a national shortage of ground beef which […]

The Right Ventricle: The Big Breakup by Gwenny Lawson, BSN, RN, CFRN

The Right Ventricle: The Big Breakup Image source: Let’s pick up where we left off: RV failure caused by increased pulmonary vascular resistance. A sign she’s about to leave you: Right sided heart strain. When your girlfriend has had enough and she’s about to Dear John you, it’s called a crappy day. When the RV has had enough pressure […]

It’s Shockingly Simple | Part 1 Sarah Motley, RN-S, NREMT-B

  Many times as healthcare professionals, we get wrapped up in the complicated concepts of emergency medicine and critical care. It’s important to frequently train on the fundamentals and stay up to date on the latest evidence-based practice, or else you could find yourself on a seemingly simple patient assignment and you’ve forgotten how to […]

How To Make Zombies Part I by Dakota Kimberlin, NRP, TP-C

Advances in Cardiac Arrest Care The most critical call we have as EMS providers is the one with the worst outcomes. Cardiac arrest care has been much the same for quite a while, because it’s hard to measure what works in those cases, and care guidelines lag years behind new evidence. For instance, “Heads-up CPR” […]

How To Make Zombies Part II by Dakota Kimberlin, NRP, TP-C

The Fun Stuff In Part 1, we looked at what happens to the body during a zombie apocalypse. Whoops, sorry, cardiac arrest. Impedance Threshold Devices and Heads-Up CPR were mentioned as being very effective in CPR, and it’s time to get to the fun stuff. I’m going to try really hard to not bore you […]

How To Make Zombies Part III by Dakota Kimberlin, NRP, TP-C

  Airways are Sexy I was at an airway lecture as a baby medic and the instructor said “Airways are sexy. It’s the sexiest, most badass thing we get to do.” Sounds goofy, but he was right: airways are sexy. So, we’ve talked about cardiac arrest physiology, ITDs, Heads-up CPR, and more. All that stuff […]