Women’s History Month: Women in EMS, Part 3

This month we took a look at Marie Marvingt, a pioneer in HEMS and a woman who helped create pre-hospital medicine in the early 1900s. We also featured Dr. Erica Carney, a bold woman making EMS a better field across the Midwest today. For part three, we will shine a light on the woman who […]

IA MED COVID-19: Coronavirus Resources by Lindsay Mauldin

  As providers continue to battle COVID-19 on the front lines, IA MED stays committed to bring you the most up to date information to help guide your care and keep you safe. In addition to our weekly Facebook Live Events and the CME Collective, this page will be updated weekly with current best practices and […]

NREMT Recertification Rodeo Jessica Horwitz NREMT-P, CCT-P

  NREMT Recertification. License Fees. Ugh. Just the thought of recertifying gives me a headache. But, if your work requires that certification, or if you want to transfer your license to another state easily, it is a necessary evil that occurs every two years at the end of March. NREMT actually has a pretty good […]