Recertifying Your BCEN Certifications by Gwenny Lawson, BSN, RN, CFRN

  Having an advanced certification in your specialty is a high accomplishment, and it probably took you quite a bit of studying, nail-biting, and nervous diarrhea to get through the exam. Don’t be a silly goose and wait until the eleventh hour to try to scrape together your CEUs to recertify, or worse, force yourself […]

NREMT Recertification Rodeo Jessica Horwitz NREMT-P, CCT-P

  NREMT Recertification. License Fees. Ugh. Just the thought of recertifying gives me a headache. But, if your work requires that certification, or if you want to transfer your license to another state easily, it is a necessary evil that occurs every two years at the end of March. NREMT actually has a pretty good […]