Sudden Ambulance Death Syndrome By Dakota Kimberlin, EMT-P, NRP, TP-C

Stay and Play We’ve all had those critical patients: the ones circling the drain when we show up who bring the “pucker factor.” As EMTs and paramedics, our first reaction is to “grab and go” and get that patient to the familiar environment of our ambulance. It makes sense, right? That’s our office, all of […]

When to Transfuse: Diagnostic Tools by Jeremy Singleton, RN CEN

When to Transfuse: Diagnostic Tools The ability to transfuse critically ill patients before they even reach the hospital doors is becoming a reality for more programs every day. Over the past several years the tides have shifted to favor blood in for blood out, highlighting the importance this component plays in our normal physiology. There […]

IV Flow Rate Restrictions with Commonly Used Equipment by Jeremy Singleton, RN CEN

  The relationship between IV catheter gauge and flow rate seems to be widely understood, but there could be standard practices in your fluid administration that are making your sweet 16 gauge in the AC perform more like a 20 in the hand. The limitation isn’t with the catheter itself, but rather the different equipment […]