Women’s History Month: Celebrating The Women of EMS, Part 2

Sub-five feet. Barely a hundred pounds, soaking wet. Blonde hair and blue eyes. But GOSH DANG is Dr. Erica Carney a force to be reckoned with. She’s the most amazing combination of grit, brains, and kindness with a smile more contagious than COVID-19.    She grew up in Kansas City, where she stayed for a […]

Panic! At the airport

I had let my guard down, which was a mistake and it backfired. The first step after my mistake was to panic, and I think those around me at the time would say I did a pretty good job of it. 4 hours earlier I was relaxing at our crew house and probably arguing about […]

Into the Breach, America.

A Call to Service for All Americans on Inauguration Day 2021 On June 6, 1944, US soldiers climbed down the sides of naval vessels and piled into landing craft bobbing in the English Channel waves. Full of men, the landing crafts motored towards one of Normandy’s sandy beaches, now forever known as Omaha Beach. When […]

IA MED COVID-19: Coronavirus Resources by Lindsay Mauldin

  As providers continue to battle COVID-19 on the front lines, IA MED stays committed to bring you the most up to date information to help guide your care and keep you safe. In addition to our weekly Facebook Live Events and the CME Collective, this page will be updated weekly with current best practices and […]

How To Make Zombies Part I by Dakota Kimberlin, NRP, TP-C

Advances in Cardiac Arrest Care The most critical call we have as EMS providers is the one with the worst outcomes. Cardiac arrest care has been much the same for quite a while, because it’s hard to measure what works in those cases, and care guidelines lag years behind new evidence. For instance, “Heads-up CPR” […]

How To Make Zombies Part II by Dakota Kimberlin, NRP, TP-C

The Fun Stuff In Part 1, we looked at what happens to the body during a zombie apocalypse. Whoops, sorry, cardiac arrest. Impedance Threshold Devices and Heads-Up CPR were mentioned as being very effective in CPR, and it’s time to get to the fun stuff. I’m going to try really hard to not bore you […]

How To Make Zombies Part III by Dakota Kimberlin, NRP, TP-C

  Airways are Sexy I was at an airway lecture as a baby medic and the instructor said “Airways are sexy. It’s the sexiest, most badass thing we get to do.” Sounds goofy, but he was right: airways are sexy. So, we’ve talked about cardiac arrest physiology, ITDs, Heads-up CPR, and more. All that stuff […]